Triplets, 21, graduate from same university with same first-class degrees

The brothers hadn’t discussed their university choices with each other but surprisingly all ended up studying geography at the University of Portsmouth

Triplet brothers are celebrating after graduating from the same university with the same degree.

Thomas, Charlie and Harry White, proved three’s not a crowd as they followed identical academical paths by chance.

The 21-year-old triplets, hadn’t discussed their university choices with each other but all ended up studying geography at the University of Portsmouth, Hants.

And, after embarking on the same course together, the brothers took nearly identical modules and even played for the same Ultimate Frisbee team.

The triplets graduated from University of Portsmouth today with each of them awarded a first-class degree.

Harry said: “One of our school teachers was a Portsmouth Geography graduate who’d recommended the University, but we hadn’t planned to attend together until we realised we were all interested in the same course and were all impressed by the facilities and the lecturers.”

The sporty brothers, from the Isle of Wight, admit they are competitive with each other and enjoy sailing, mountain biking and golf.

Thomas said: “The three of us have always been close and competitive.

“Choosing the same university meant we could spend time together and compete against each other, so it made perfect sense to study at Portsmouth.”

Charlie said one of the advantages of the Covid-19 pandemic was it helped him, Thomas and Harry study.

He said: “Even though the pandemic has been tough and Portsmouth has been like a ghost town, it has allowed us to study hard due to fewer distractions.”

Harry added: “I feel thankful that graduation is going ahead. I know that not all universities are doing in-person ceremonies and it’s such a shame.

“I think it would have felt a bit demoralising to have an online ceremony, so am really pleased to have the opportunity to cross the stage at the Guildhall [in Portsmouth] and it will be amazing to see everyone again.”

Thomas, who was captain for the Ultimate Frisbee team, said playing the sport helped them survive the pandemic.

He said: “The Ultimate Frisbee club is like one big family, so once we could start training again, we felt so much happier.

“When we were able to play the few matches that have gone ahead, we saw them as an opportunity to get every single club member out there playing.

“We just wanted everyone to have a good time after such a tough year and felt that being inclusive and getting every player involved massively improved people’s happiness and wellbeing.”

Mark Hardiman, senior lecturer from the School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to teach Charlie, Harry and Thomas over the last three years, and I am delighted their hard work has paid off.”